Sales Specialty Drive Report (SSDR) is a digital performance report used by Associates and store leaders to gauge their performance and meet the goals. The current version of the report was confusing to the users and had many usability issues.


An agile design sprint was conducted to redesign the report.


Pre Sprint Research - User Interviews

Custom questioner were created for each user type (associate, leader and supervisor).

Telephonic user interviews of home depot associates were conducted from all over Canada





What users are saying - Affinity Mapping

Comments, suggestion, pain points and ideas were sorted out and grouped together.


Sprint day1 - Understand

Shadowing / in-person interviews

Design sprint kicked off with team going to The Home Depot store and watching associates use SSDR report. Opportunities, insights and pain points were gathered during the visit.


SSDR Design Sprint Goals

A quick overview of goals, expectations and user experience was determined.



Scrum master kicked off and idea board targeting all the major buckets like UI, Navigation and matrix like associate goals, measures etc.


Brainstorming - Journey Mapping

A journey map of associate using the SSDR report was created. Participants brainstormed different steps and stages of the journey map.


Brainstorming - Ideation

Sprint team that consisted of product owners, store operations, developers, UI and UX designers and end users (Store associates and leaders) quickly wrote down their ideas and observation.


Brainstorming - Voting

Participants voted on the ideas that were posted. There were options to votes positive or negative on an idea.


Sprint day2 - Diverge

Sketching - Individual

Agile team was split into two groups and each member was asked to create a sketch of the dashboard.


Solution Sketch - Team A

Each team was asked to combine their ideas and create a unified sketch for the dashboard


Solution Sketch - Team B

Solution Sketch - Team  A & B Presentation

Both teams were asked to explain their respective sketches to the wider group.


Voting - Team  A & B Presentation

Members from one team voted on what they like and don’t like on other teams sketch.


Sprint day3 - Decide

Master sketch/wireframe

A master sketch was created by the whole team containing items from sketch A and B.


Sprint day4 - Prototype

Interactive Prototyping

On the basis of wireframes an interactive was started


Finished prototype was presented to the Agile design team.



After the presentation of finished prototype, the team went back to the posted ideas and suggestions of the sprint.


What was achieved and what got excluded

Missing requirements were listed and were planned to be included in the porotype.

Few of the ideas and requirements were planned for sprint 2.0



Post Sprint - Finishing up & Testing

Finished prototype

After incorporating the changes form the team, the finished prototype was circulated to stakeholders, product owners and developers.


User testing

Different versions of the prototype were created to be used in the user testing sessions targeting store associates, specialists and leaders.