TD - Business Banking - Entitlement experience



TD business banking platform needed an upgrade. The platform has not been touched since years. The project kicked off with research and discovery. With the help of TD external partners (HUGE), initial research, discovery and ideation exercises were conducted.

Research and discovery consisted of Co-creation Workshops, Product Prioritization and Design Iterations.

TD Business Banking Vision Report

Personas and Customer and Employee Principles

With research completed, and insights synthesized, Personas and key principles were defined.

Personas and Customer and Employee Principles, Complete Report


TD business banking platform kicked off with three streams one of which was to design the complex entitlements flow. Working as a UX principal my job was to work closely with the project owners and stakeholders to understand and distill the complex requirements around an administrator giving entitlements to users. Based on the requirements i created a streamlined user experience.

Exploration of different flows and High Level Designs

The requirements for the entitlements were not fully flushed out by the PO and business so i had to work closely with the POs and business to flushout all the requirements and than work these requirements into wireframes. I started by creating sketches and pageflows, converting them into designs. These designs were presented to the stakeholders on regular intervals and the feedback was worked back into the design. The iterative design process lead to the final detailed designs.

Business Banking - Entitlements Page Flow

Business Banking - Entitlements High Level Designs

Detailed Designs

Based on the High Level Design, detailed designs were created for production. The entitlements flows were broken into releases. Release 1 started with wire payment tracker entitlements.

Business Banking - Entitlements Page Flow MVP1

Business Banking - Entitlements Detailed Designs MVP1

User Testing

Designs were cycled through user testing. TD has its own in house use testing lab where we can observe in-person user testing and gather feedback. A complete report was generated after the use testing sessions. This report helped in further refining the designs.

Visual Designs

After wireframes were finalized, Visual Designs were created.

Business Banking - Entitlements Designs MVP2

The second release of the entitlements required adding more features and functionalities to the entitlements platform. Mobile version of the entitlements was added as well.

Business Banking - Entitlements Designs MVP2

Visual Designs

Wireframes were than converted into Visual Design by the UI team.