Tourism experience App coupled with wearable

Client: County Kerry Ireland

Responsibilities: Design Strategist, Lead designer

The Challenge was to create a system that will increase tourism, enhance the experience empower tourists that they can be more knowledgeable of the area, can stay longer, feel secure, venture future and return back for more.


A detailed field and desktop research was conducted giving us information about tourism demographics of the area, trends in wearable technologies, Wifi and cellphone coverage and health and safety services.


A comprehensive picture of tourism assets, potential customers, goals and objectives were established.


The solution proposed was a digital ecosystems named Cosan, that  will create an enhanced tourist experience by creating a bracelet that allows visitors to live their best lives as they travel around the peninsula.

The bracelet will connect visitors with the pathway systems and cultural assets that are abundant around Skellig Kerry, but also sends out emergency dispatch services if they happen to get lost or injured. It can be rented or purchased by tourists at partnering hotels, airports and phone providers. If visitors to the region already have existing fitness trackers they can just download the Cosan app and their bracelets will be integrated into the system. Beyond the benefits experienced by visitors, the data collected from the bracelets could be used help improve regional tourism in the future.



The main function of the bracelet is to enhance tourism experience by empowering them with knowledge of nearby activities, attractions with push notifications. Tracking their vital signs and making their travel a wellness experience.


To address the concern of safety while traveling in the region, the Cosan band will feature an emergency response button that will dispatch local emergency response and rescue initiatives, as well as notify certified locals in the area. A special discount initiative will be given to bracelet users that will provide discounts at partnering restaurants, pubs and hotels.


The bracelet will be paired with an app that users can download onto their smartphones. This app provides more information on the

region including maps, trails, pathways, attractions and restaurants. Users can use the app to customize their trips and daily


schedules that will give them notifications on their bracelets. The app lets you create your OWN PATH tailored made for your interests, time schedule and budget. AR makers along the way also enrich your experience. Real time notification of your band don't lets you miss any activity or let your forget anything important.

Cosán ecosystem combines wearable with app to provide a enhanced tourism experience and security services

A Day in the life (user research)

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